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corporate culture

Vision: elaborately manufacture high-quality products and strive to become a global high-quality lighting manufacturer.

Mission: Focus on lighting industry. Pay attention to quality and keep innovating.

Purpose: Adhere to quality, attach importance to service, and take honesty as the basis to create competitive high-quality lighting products for customers.

Values: The company creates the most value for customers, employees are dutiful, personal interests and corporate interests are perfectly combined to promote the company's value.

Business philosophy: quality is excellent because of demanding, service is sincere, reputation is important, management is fundamental, and integrity is win-win.

Our core competitiveness: We have been committed to professional glass lamp manufacturing for more than ten years. Have team spirit, produce new products, strictly control quality, and abide by integrity.

About Jin Xi's enterprise spirit

Struggle - Only struggle can succeed. Only after a long time of struggle and unremitting efforts to complete the company's tasks can we achieve our own value。

Time -- time is life. Time is the most precious thing. Time is money. The secret of completing work is to cherish every minute of your life.

Team - is a spirit of cooperation. The team is the core of the enterprise. There is no perfect individual, only a perfect team. We can work together and work together.

Communication -- reach consensus. Communication enables team members to rely on each other, make problems clear and clear, and provide smooth information, which is the best way to solve all obstacles.

Responsibility is responsibility and obligation. Responsibility is the basis of our work. We should take responsibility for both customers and ourselves.

Attitude - determines everything. Attitude is a personal ability. Everything is down-to-earth, not later than daydream, and a positive and serious attitude towards work can achieve success.

Service is the soul of an enterprise. We should serve our customers carefully, patiently and enthusiastically.

The goal is to guide the direction of the enterprise. Perseverance, success, starting from a high point can reach a high level, and setting a long-term goal can be lasting.

Cooperation -- Achieve you and me. Only through sincere cooperation and mutual support can we overcome the challenges and achieve the goals with excellent product quality.

Gratitude is a virtue. We should keep an ordinary heart, learn to put down our burdens, live easily, have no resentment, and have a grateful heart.